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For collegians from St. Patrick Parish

Initial Scholarship Application
For those graduating high school in 2020.
(Application process opens 1/1/2020;
applications due back by 3/15/2020)
Scholarship Renewal Application
For collegians who've already received a grant,
and would like continued assistance.
(Application process opens 1/1/2020;
applications due back by 3/15/2020)
PSR Registration
2018-2019 Academic Year
PSR Registration: grades 1-12
Register by 6/30/2018 for lower tuition rate
Diocesan Events
Diocesan 50th Anniversary Celebration
2019 Date for the celebration at St. John Cathedral - Cleveland, OH TBA.
When the 2019 date is announced, you'll be able to click here and go to the registration page.

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