• Bishop calls claim that Pope meddled in Argentina’s primaries ‘science fiction’
    ROSARIO, Argentina – Pope Francis has been both applauded and accused for meddling in Argentina’s presidential primaries last Sunday, however a local bishop has described the idea that the pope was involving himself in his country’s politics as “science fiction.” Meanwhile, the pope’s representative in Colombia has said he regrets… Read more »
  • Polish doctors establish medical mission to AfricaPolish doctors establish medical mission to Africa
    KRAKOW, Poland – Every summer, dozens of physicians from Poland spend their vacation treating under-served patients in Africa. Dr. Bartek Guzik, a full-time cardiologist in one of the busiest hospitals in Poland, is one of them. (Guzik’s wife, Paulina, is a frequent contributor to Crux.) It all started last summer, when… Read more »
  • Notre Dame program seeks to help nation’s Catholic schools
    [Editor’s Note: Bill Mattison is a Senior Advisor for Theological Formation at the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) program, and has a joint appointment in Notre Dame’s Department of Theology. His scholarship has focused on Catholic moral theology, especially virtue ethics. His most recent book is… Read more »
  • Judge in India says Christian education ‘highly unsafe’ for future of children
    MUMBAI, India – A representative of the local Catholic bishops’ council called the remarks of an Indian High Court judge attacking Christian education “unfortunate.” Madras High Court Justice S. Vaidyanathan on Friday said, “there is a general feeling among parents of students, especially female students, that coeducational study in Christian… Read more »
  • Banks holds no resentment for wrongful conviction; he’s focused on others
    SAN DIEGO — The new film “Brian Banks” recounts the true story of a high school football star whose promising future was derailed when he was falsely accused of rape. Facing the prospect of a 41-year sentence, he accepted a plea bargain and went on to spend more than five… Read more »