Weekend & Weekday

We invite you to join us at weekend Mass, the apex of our weekly celebrations. We strive to foster and enhance the values of gracious hospitality, thought provoking homilies, and enriching Liturgical music.

As of 25 May 2020, the following will be our schedule:

Mass at St Patrick Parish:
♣ Saturday 6:00 PM – Sunday Vigil
♣ Sunday – 8:15 AM
♣ Weekday:
— Monday: 8:45 AM
— Wednesday: 6:30 PM
Our pastor also celebrates Mass at
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
410 W. Lorain Street – Oberlin on:

♥ Saturday 4:00 PM – Sunday Vigil
♥ Sunday – 10:30 AM
♥ Weekday:
— Thursday: 8:45 AM
— Friday: 8:45 AM

Saturday – No morning Mass at either parish

Rosary: Wednesday 5:15 pm (Canceled when there’s no Adoration or Mass following – see exceptions below).  In an effort to limit the time groups spend in the enclosed space of the church building, the public recitation of the rosary indoors is suspended throughout the pandemic.  Individuals, or small groups, may gather at-a-distance outside to pray the rosary.

Eucharistic Adoration: Wednesday 5:30-6:20 pm (canceled when no Mass follows at 6:30 pm- see exceptions below)
Eucharistic Adoration: While we have returned to Mass in the midst of the pandemic, Eucharistic Adoration will continue to be suspended.  While you are welcome to pray in the church prior to Wednesday evening Mass, the Eucharist will not be exposed for the devotion.

EXCEPTIONS to the above Mass Schedule (on these days there is also no adoration or confession):

Dec 8, 2021 – No evening Mass at St. Pat’s on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  See Holy Day Schedule for details on Masses for December 7th and 8th, 2021.