HS Confirmation Program

For the benefit of our youth, and so that those who are in their freshman year of high school can pursue the Sacrament of Confirmation, St. Patrick Parish is working collaboratively with Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Oberlin).  Each parish sponsors its own program of preparation for the sacrament.  Whereas the number of candidates for confirmation each year is relatively small – by combining our youth into a single Confirmation Class for the conferral of the sacrament, our numbers are sufficient to allow for an annual conferral of the sacrament.  The parish at which the sacrament is conferred is chosen based on the bishops availability considering the Mass times at both parishes.
○ In 2019, Bp. Amos celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Patrick Parish on April 27th – confirming 15 youth from St. Patrick Parish.
○ In 2020, Bp. Amos is scheduled to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on April 26th at the 10:30AM Mass.

Prior to the collaboration between parishes, the bishop only came to confer the sacrament on a bi-annual basis.

Youth wishing to enroll in the Confirmation Formation Program (CFP) at St. Patrick Parish in their freshman year of high school must have participated in PSR the year prior to enrollment.  For information about the CFP, or to enroll, please contact Wendy Shivak ()

Adults who missed being confirmed when they were younger are given the opportunity to receive the sacrament when the bishop is here.  If you are in this situation, please contact Fr. Trask .